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97 Things Every SRE Should Know

97 Things Every SRE Should Know is an essay collection that brings together the smart, witty, and timely observations and lessons from 70 SREs, with something for everyone whether you're just starting in the field to the most grizzled veteran.

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This Draft is Perfect

We worked with nearly 70 contributors over the course of five months for O’Reilly’s 97 Things Every SRE Should Know. We decided to share all the writing lessons and tips we learned along the way.

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Post-Incident Review

A zine about incident response, including original articles and illustrations, and a collection of public post-incident reports for you to read, reflect, and annotate wherever and whenever you’d like.

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The Morning Mind-Meld

The Morning Mind-Meld is a chance to build context between the conversations happening around DevOps and SRE, and to hopefully create some inspiration, even—or, especially!—during a hectic week.

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