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SRE for Mere Mortals

Over the past five years, the ideas behind site reliability engineering (SRE) have caught like fire among technology companies because of the success in improving the reliability of their systems. However, a lot of the material on SRE comes from massive companies (e.g. Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft) with thousands of engineers and hundreds of SREs: The culture, availability of resources, and organizational structure differ substantially at a down-to-Earth scale. SRE for Mere Mortals seeks to bridge that gap and provide a map on how the rest of us can implement SRE best practices while preparing for the future.

In the book, we'll provide readers with a foundational understanding of SRE principles and the infrastructure practices and processes of comparable organizations. Beyond that, we want to explore the pragmatic and sometimes messy decisions that must be made on a regular basis to form a functional and successful SRE culture. Readers of our book will leave able to make meaningful changes to how they approach running their services immediately, as well as having the necessary knowledge and know-how to start meaningfully participating and exploring the SRE community.

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